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British Science Week - British Science Week is a celebration of thousands of events running throughout the whole of the UK with the aim of celebrating science, engineering, technology and maths. The idea behind the programme is to raise awareness, spark enthusiasm and celebrate science, engineering, technology and maths with people of all ages and from all walks of life. The children in St Joseph enjoyed this week in participating in several webinars, workshops, in classroom experiments and podcasts

The children of Year 6 experienced a breath-taking spectacle on their visit to the Science Museum in London, as the were wowed by the IMAX presentation of Antarctica 3D. Everyone settled in and made themselves comfortable with their popcorn, then were treated to jaw-dropping images and scenery of the vast Antarctic desert. There was an enormous amount of information to absorb during the film about the wildlife, the environment and climate change. This was a truly remarkable and memorable experience to start Year 6's Frozen Kingdoms project.

18.01.24 The children attended an interactive Spaceship Earth Show presented by The STEM Hub. The children saw what it would be like to be launched into our solar system and what we use satellites for..

VR experience- Children have got an opportunity to experience the VR and travel into different places, sitting in their classrooms.

Festive Solar System Decorations with RAL Space - The children of Year 5 attended a lovely workshop on Festive Solar System Decorations with RAL Space. They not only decorated planets but also learnt a brief overview about the Planets and Solar System. They also got an opportunity to ask questions to RAL Space Researcher.

Green futures workshop - the yr6 children attended a workshop on how they can care about the environment and play an important role to save the world.

Yr 4 Webinar: My job as an ecologist — The children got to meet a STEM Ambassador who is an ecologist to find out about their job and ask your questions!

Recycling week - Today our eco-warriors promoted Recycling week, with a beautiful assembly. They spoke to the children about different ways to protect the environment and how they can make a difference by making small changes in their daily lives.

03.10.23 Yr 4 trip to the science museum. The children attended a workshop on ‘It takes Guts’, where they learnt about digestion in human body. They travelled into the digestive system and looked at the importance of their food they eat. The children learnt about their teeth and how to keep them healthy.

28.09.23 Greenwich Royal Observatory - Our Year 5 children got an opportunity to visit the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the Prime Meridian of the world and London’s Planetarium. They also attended a a live planetarium show presented by an astronomer and also attended various workshops.

04.07.23 Yr4 trip to BBC Earth experience. The children enjoyed their trip to BBC Earth where they experienced the extraordinary diversity of our seven unique continents, on the most epic scale featuring bespoke narration from David Attenborough.

16.06.23 - The Great Science Share --The children in KS2 conducted an experiment about forces, focusing on one variable. Firstly, the children shared what they knew about the forces involved in flight. We then conducted research about gliders and how they fly. KS2 then agreed the most important part of a glider was the wings, so decided this should be our variable. In groups, the children created three identical aircraft fuselages and chose from a range of materials to make the wing - settling on wood, card and polystyrene. We then inspected the gliders and made predictions on which glider would fly the furthest. We took our gliders to the field to test them, and analysed whether it was a fair test.

16.05.23 - The Great Science Share - KS1 took part in ‘The Great Science Share’ this week. KS1 children have been developing their own scientific questions, then carrying out their own enquiries to gather evidence. We watched videos, asked and came up with our own questions. KS1 created their own lava lamps and experimented with floating and sinking. The children really enjoyed taking part in experiments and testing their hypothesis.

12.06.23 - World Ocean day - World Ocean Day is celebrated every 8 June as a reminder of how integral our seas are to life on Earth. As a part of World Oceans day, the children got an opportunity to deep dive into studying about the ocean. They wrote letters to the Prime Minister suggesting him ways to protect the oceans and addressing the harmful effects of pollution. In addition, the children made a collage showing different ocean zones.

25.05.23 Yr5 trip to the Royal Observatory

17.04.23 - In Reception ,we finally set free our beautiful butterflies on Monday. it was wonderful to see them change from caterpillars, to cocoons to butterflies.

01.03.23 -Chicks in Reception! - The wait for our eggs to hatch in Reception is over! The children are now with faced with the task of looking after our new temporary residents! The children will be learning how to handle the chicks with care over the next couple of weeks.

23.09.23 - This week is Recycle week. The children have been learning all about recycling and how landfill affects our planet. Year 1 also understood what single use plastics are and how they affect our eco system. The children created fish from plastic bottles.

30.11.22 - Yr 6 trip to the Science Museum

21.11.23 - Year 2 went on a trip to the Science Museum. Thanks so much to the parents who came along to help and the children for being excellent representatives of St Joseph's!



St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

The Good Shepherd Catholic Trust

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